Since their emergence, cinema and television have been in a state of constant technological and industrial flux. But even as our ways of distributing and accessing moving images have changed, and even as tastes and styles continue shifting with the times, our passion for compelling onscreen storytelling persists.

At the Carsey-Wolf Center, we are committed to fostering a nuanced understanding of cinematic and televisual storytelling across genres, formats, styles, and historical periods. To this end, we sponsor a wide range of events, programs, and workshops designed to cultivate a new generation of media storytellers, and to help audiences better understand the evolving role of narrative across diverse media forms. With support from the Rick Rosen Storytelling for the Screen Fund, we proudly feature the work of established and emerging media storytellers by presenting screenings and Q&A events at the Pollock Theater. Our Storytelling for the Screen programming at the Pollock includes curated series like our Black Hollywood and Script to Screen programs. We also offer exciting educational opportunities, including our Advanced Television Writing Summer Institute and our brand-new Storytelling for the Screen Weekend Workshop series.

To learn more about our Storytelling for the Screen events, check out the links below. And to learn more about our full range of Storytelling for the Screen initiatives, visit this page.

Storytelling for the Screen Events