Media Matters

Series Editors: Patrice Petro and Cristina Venegas

Published by Rutgers University Press, Media Matters focuses on film, television, and media within a transnational and interdisciplinary frame: environmental media, media industries, media and democracy, information media, and global media. It features the work of scholars who explore ever-expanding forms of media in art, everyday, and entertainment practices.

Media+Environment Journal

Founding Journal Editors: Alenda Chang, Janet Walker, and Ivan Ivakhiv

Media+Environment is a new journal of transnational and interdisciplinary ecomedia research, founded on the premise that media and environment is a crucial conjunction for our time. Peer-reviewed, open access, and published online by the University of California Press, the journal is the first both to center environmental media criticism and creative scholarship and to ensure that this vital work is widely and publicly accessible.