Media+Environment is a new journal of transnational and interdisciplinary ecomedia research, founded on the premise that media and environment is a crucial conjunction for our time. Peer-reviewed, open access, and published online by the University of California Press, the journal is the first both to center environmental media criticism and creative scholarship and to ensure that this vital work is widely and publicly accessible.

The journal showcases the many ways that media and environments affect, influence, and co-constitute one another, from the representation of environmental issues in film, television, and new media to media infrastructures and their historical, technological, and regulatory contexts. Rooted in humanistic research, Media+Environment is nonetheless expansive and inclusive in its orientation. We seek to advance conversations with natural and social scientists, artists, and other interlocutors, and to stimulate new research and imaginative practices that might help us connect media experiences and their production to broader spatial and ecological questions of urgent interest.

Our first articles were published in November 2019, and comprised field-spanning provocations and commentaries by leading scholars, artists, and activists on current “states” of environmental media/mediation. Future “streams” will consider:

  • Mapping, data, and the geopolitical quandaries of visualizing and mobilizing disaster “relief”
  • A reconsideration of C. P. Snow’s well-known “two cultures” thesis in an effort to find media’s place in the supposedly longstanding discontinuity between the arts/humanities and the sciences
  • Cross-disciplinary perspectives on “modeling the Pacific”

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Calls for submissions

Submissions may be made through the Media+Environment online portal.  Submissions will be peer-reviewed through a double-blind process. Please visit this page for author guidelines.


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Founding Editors

Alenda Chang, University of California, Santa Barbara

Janet Walker, University of California, Santa Barbara

Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont