Director Werner Herzog discusses his film, Nosferatu with Carsey-Wolf Center Director Patrice Petro

Media are global by nature; they express culture just as much as they transcend borders. The CWC Global series is dedicated to showcasing media from around the world. This series features screenings and events that place UCSB in conversation with international media makers and global contexts across our deeply connected world. Past events have included Beautiful Duckling with screenwriter Chang Yung-hsiang, Juan of the Dead with writer/director Alejandro Brugues, and La Revolución de los Alcatraces with director Luciana Kaplan.

CWC Global Q&As


Hollywood Berlin: Nosferatu          Tempestad                                         Nostalgia For The Future


 Under the Shadow                            Mr. Six                                                7 Islands and a Metro                      The Last Aristocrats


Look of Silence                                 Cities of Sleep                                    Ghana's Puppeteer                           Cairo Drive

             The Wanted 18                                   Beautiful Duckling                           The Time That Remains                    La Revolucion de los Alcatraces

             My Love Awaits Me By The Sea       Brave Miss World                             Melaza                                                Juan of the Dead


Angels in Exile                                   Memorias Del Desarrollo