Actress/Author Tippi Hedren after her post-screening discussion of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

The CWC Classics program celebrates cinema’s rich history, bringing classic films back to the big screen for critical viewing and discussion. These events feature filmmakers, academics, and professionals who can contextualize the production and historical impact of the films. The series occasionally presents classic films in their original 16 or 35 mm formats. CWC Classics events celebrate the history and significance of cinema’s enduring legacy. Past events have included Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore with actress Diane Ladd, Medium Cool with writer/director Haskell Wexler and Andrew Davis, and Jaws with with screenwriter Carl Gottlieb.



To Be Or Not To Be                          Some Like it Hot                              Fury


Expanded Hitchcock: The Birds      Expanded Hitchcock: Rebecca      Expanded Hitchcock: Vertigo          Raging Bull                  


Bush Mama                                        Inside Robocop                                 Niagara                                               Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore


 Medium Cool                                    1941                                                     A Clockwork Orange                       Jaws