Each screening in the Pollock Theater is an event featuring a moderated discussion after presentation of a film or television episode. For examples of recent Pollock Theater events and series, please visit this page.  The Carsey-Wolf Center and Pollock Theater staff provide support for event planning, securing media and permissions, marketing, operations, and production details for a limited number of events each quarter that are carefully selected by our programming committee.

Please note that the Pollock Theater may not be rented for non-Carsey-Wolf Center events.  If you are looking for a rental facility on campus, please contact the UCen, the Loma Pelona Center or the Mosher Alumni House.

Proposal deadlines

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, and our limited programming slots may be filled several months in advance.  We ask that proposals be submitted early in order to allow time to secure exhibition rights, create promotional materials, and arrange for staffing, among other logistical issues.  The final dates for submitting a proposal for a particular quarter are:

Fall Quarter: 1st Monday in July

Winter Quarter: 1st Monday in November

Spring Quarter: 1st Monday in February


We invite you to consult with us via email or in person at any stage of the proposal submission process.

How to propose an event

In your proposal, please address the following questions:

  • What is the film/media title? (please indicate format if known)
  • Who is the coordinator or partner for the event?
  • What is the proposed date and time of the event? Is the date flexible? (Typically, weekday events begin at 7:00 pm to accommodate audience travel time.)
  • Who will moderate the event?
  • Who are the potential guests? Have you had any direct contact with potential guests?
  • How will the post-screening discussion be framed? What is the context for the screening?
  • Who is the target audience for the event (students, UCSB campus community, Goleta and Santa Barbara community)? Are there particular UCSB courses that would be associated with the event, either as a required component of the class or as extra credit?
  • What is the expected attendance for the event?  The Pollock Theater seats 296.
  • Our events are usually filmed by Pollock TV production for UCTV.  Do you foresee any objection by your guests to recording your proposed event?
  • Do you plan to hold a reception in the Michael Douglas Lobby at the Pollock Theater?
  • What co-sponsorship resources would you offer in support of the event?


Proposals should be emailed both to Pollock Theater Director at mattryan@ucsb.edu and Carsey-Wolf Center Associate Director Emily Zinn at ezinn@carseywolf.ucsb.edu.

Vetting process

Proposals will be reviewed by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s programming committee. We strive to respond to submissions promptly, and we will acknowledge receipt of your proposal within one business day.

Box office phone:
(805) 893-5903

Email the Pollock Theater: