30th Anniversary of Cheers with creators and "Norm"

In recognition of the extraordinary accomplishments of the Center’s namesakes, Dick Wolf and Marcy Carsey, The Carsey-Wolf Center is committed to examining television as an institution, industry, and cultural form. In our post-network, multi-channel, multi-media environment, understanding television demands understanding its past as well as its future, through exploration of individual episodes, mini-series, and documentaries. Past events have included a recognition of the 30th anniversary of Cheers, which featured actor George Wendt and series creators Glen Charles, Les Charles and James Burrows, OJ: Made in America with director Ezra Edelman, All The Way with director Jay Roach and Westworld with director Fred Toye.

This series is supported by a generous donation to the Carsey-Wolf Center by Rick Rosen, head of the television department at the William Morris Endeavor and member of the CWC Advisory Board.

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VEEP                                                  Transparent


  All The Way                                       O.J.: Made In America                   A Conversation With David Gerrold  Westworld                     


 Outlander                                            Lost                                                    Orange Is The New Black                 Transparent


 American Horror Story                      Cheers                                               Modern Family                                   The Writers Room