Deadlines: November 1 and April 15 annually

The Carsey-Wolf Center invites proposals from one or more UCSB faculty members for support for research projects that engage with one or more of the following research initiatives:

  • Global Media
  • Information Media
  • Media and Democracy
  • Media and the Environment
  • Media Industries

Up to $5000 in support may be requested.  Possible proposals may include:

  • Funding for conferences, symposia and workshops
  • New teaching initiatives
  • Summer graduate student research assistance for faculty projects
  • Seed funding for new research initiatives, either individual or collaborative
  • Proposals for hybrid events that involve a public screening at the Pollock Theater and a research-focused session with one or more visiting scholars

Funding priority will be given to projects that will result in a publication or other deliverable outcome.  Applications will be adjudicated by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Research Advisory Board, which has a rotating membership drawn from the UCSB faculty.  Successful proposals will receive administrative and publicity support from the Carsey-Wolf Center.

Please note that this award does not fund faculty release time.  Graduate students at UCSB are encouraged to apply as part of a team with faculty members, but a graduate student cannot apply as a single PI.

Proposals for Pollock Theater events follow a different evaluation process.  Please visit this page for instructions for proposing a Pollock Theater event.

Application materials:

  • a cover sheet (download form)
  • a project description (5 pages, double-spaced, see instructions below)
  • a preliminary budget, including any committed or planned requests for cosponsorship by campus units, UC-wide funding opportunities or extramural grants
  • a brief CV of the principal investigator(s)

Project Description Guidelines:

The project description should:

  • state the objectives and methodology of the project
  • discuss the project’s significance and potential future impact with respect to current media studies scholarship or to the cognate concerns of media studies
  • for collaborative proposals, state the particular expertise and potential contribution of each participant
  • include a timetable and work plan, specifying project activities in the proposed award period.  For seed grants, outline plans for future funding for the endeavor.
  • if your project involves human subjects, please visit the Office of Research’s Human Subjects page for information about proper review procedures.  Indicate in your application your timeline for following these procedures.
  • define the project’s target audience(s) and the form(s) in which the research will eventually be disseminated (e.g. book, article, art exhibit, performance etc.). Priority will be given to projects that will result in a publication or other outcome.


There are two rounds of competition each year; deadlines are November 1 and April 15.  If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due the first business day following the deadline.

Application procedure:

Please send all required application materials as a single PDF to You will receive a confirmation email within one business day.
For further information, contact Carsey-Wolf Center Associate Director Emily Zinn at