“Glitch Resistance”

A glitch is a systematic error, noise, or disturbance. If twenty-first century capitalism is driven by “the logic of maximum performance” (Lyotard, 1979), then the glitch undermines the fetishizing of efficiency, accuracy, and predictability. This project articulates glitch as a technique of data analysis and as a research method in media studies. As it formulates a media theory that addresses the power of data flows, this work interrogates knowledge production across revolutionary politics, Arab media, and digital practice in form, method, and content.

Through a virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) production, a series of metal prints, and a book, this project addresses how logics of programming technology influenced and shaped twenty-first century social movements in the Middle East with Egypt as the central site of analysis.

Funded by a Spring 2018 Carsey-Wolf Center Faculty Research Support Grant.

Interview with Laila Shereen Sakr (VJ Um Amel)

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