The Carsey-Wolf Center grants cosponsorship funds in the amount of $200-400 on a rolling basis for campus academic events that focus on one or more of our areas of research on media.  A limited amount of funding will be available for each quarter of the academic year and no retroactive funding will be granted.  Events awarded cosponsorship funds will be publicized on the Carsey-Wolf Center website and email newsletters.

A complete cosponsorship application will include the following:

  • a description of the event that indicates how the event will advance research in one of the following areas: Global Media, Information Media, Media and Democracy, Media and the Environment, Media Industries.  Please visit our research page for descriptions of our research areas.
  • for a visiting lecturer, please also provide a C.V.
  • for a conference or symposium, please also provide a tentative schedule.
  • a proposed budget for the event listing all major expenses and funding sources
  • the name and email address of a contact person for the department that will manage the finances for the event.

Cosponsorship applications may be submitted by email to Carsey-Wolf Center Associate Director Emily Zinn:  Applications will be addressed within five business days.  Please feel free to contact Emily Zinn with any questions about the program.

Cosponsored events: