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A snapshot of Media+Environment’s most recent blog publications on transnational and interdisciplinary ecomedia research. To browse the complete archive of blog posts, visit the official page here!

“Postnatural Sightings” by Florin Prună

Florin Prună considers the role of landscapes and photography in the Anthropocene.

“The invasive reality of war+media” by Adrian Ivakhiv

War is not always as explosive as this. From Russian disinformation to Volodymyr Zelensky’s stealth-video presidency, the invasion of Ukraine is both mediated and immediate.

“Welcome to the Real Desert” by Daniel Mann

Mann’s blog post invites us to consider the role of deserts as extractive zones in the new film Dune and elsewhere in cinema.

“A Survey of ICT Engineering Research Confirms Streaming Media’s Carbon Footprint” by Laura U. Marks

Here, Marks provides a follow-up to her co-authored piece published for this journal in 2020.

Metabolic Riffs – A New M+E Podcast [Episode 1: The Ocean Humanities and Wild Blue Media with Melody Jue]

A conversation with Wild Blue Media (Duke UP, 2020) author Melody Jue about her book, the “blue” humanities, and thinking media underwater.