Comedy Writing is a Team Sport

  • Saturday, October 21, 2023 / 9:00 AM (PDT)
  • Carsey-Wolf Center
  • With Gabe Liedman (PEN15, Broad City)
  • Wallis Annenberg Conference Room (SSMS 4315)
    A Storytelling for the Screen weekend workshop

Led by showrunner, screenwriter, comedian, and producer Gabe Liedman, this special Storytelling for the Screen weekend workshop gave participants the chance to explore the vital role of collaboration and teamwork in the development of comedic scripts. Many people underestimate the importance and power of collaboration in the writing process; it’s often thought of as such a solo act. In reality, working television and screenwriters collaborate all the time, especially in comedy. The current WGA/SAG-AFTRA labor movements have put a spotlight on just how many writers, with unique backgrounds and points of view, come together to make the shows and movies we love. In this workshop, participants had a chance to learn firsthand the real-world applications of collaborative writing. Participants worked together, along with Gabe, on original world-building and character creation—known in the industry as The Development Process—then had fun punching up one of Gabe’s original TV first drafts (Season 1 episode 7 of Pen15, “AIM”).

This workshop was presented in conjunction with the Carsey-Wolf Center’s presentation of Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar at the Pollock Theater on Saturday, October 21. Liedman joined Carsey-Wolf Center Assistant Director Tyler Morgenstern for a pre-screening discussion of the film.

About the instructor:

Headshot of writer/comedian Gabe Liedman. He is wears a black polo shirt, half rimmed glasses and he is smiling, posed in front of a neutral green background

Gabe Liedman (writer/producer)

Gabe Liedman is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. After a decade on the New York live indie comedy scene, Gabe found his way into the writers rooms of Hollywood, lending his voice to such shows as Never Have I Ever, Big MouthBroad City, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, also serving as the head writer and showrunner of Pen15. He is currently collaborating with his husband Daniel Zomparelli on two comedic feature films that are funny and strange and will either see the light of day or not!

 This event is sponsored by the Rick Rosen Storytelling for the Screen Fund.