2020 Annual Conference

Thursday–Saturday, February 20–22, 2020

The Carsey-Wolf Center’s 2020 annual conference “Television, Politics, Publics” will explore the ways in which television remains a crucial site for the deliberation over questions of “citizenship” and public discourse. Encompassing political news as well as scripted and unscripted entertainment, the conference aims to address a range of formats, from sports to political satire to reality TV.  In an era of so-called “fake” news and clutter, how do we define and delimit the “televisual”? Participants will engage television and its digital extensions in ways that, broadly, interrogate the medium’s “politics” and “publics” through questions of access, community, value, and voice.

Past annual conferences:

Each year, the Carsey-Wolf Center hosts an invitational conference on a theme related to the study of film and media.

Confirmed participants:

Miranda Banks, Loyola Marymount University

Liz Ellcessor, University of Virginia

Racquel Gates, CUNY Staten Island

Hollis Griffin, Denison University

Jennifer Holt, UCSB

Aniko Imre, USC

Victoria E. Johnson, UCI

Tasha Oren, Tufts University

Laurie Ouellette, University of Minnesota

Lisa Parks, MIT

Reece Peck, CUNY Staten Island

Allison Perlman, UCI

Bo Ruberg, UCI

Samantha N. Sheppard, Cornell University

Alison Trope, USC/The Critical Media Project

Travis Vogan, University of Iowa

Kristen Warner, University of Alabama

Justin Wyatt, University of Rhode Island