2019 Annual Conference:
Uncanny Histories

Thursday–Saturday, February 21–23, 2019

The Carsey-Wolf Center’s 2019 conference will explore the uncanny twists and turns that are often occluded in larger narratives of Film and Media Studies. Specifically, we hope to examine the unexpected trajectories of foundational movements, thinkers, and practitioners, often taken for granted within our field. Talks will focus on individuals, texts, movements, theories, or policies to probe the seemingly familiar in an effort to discover uncanny narratives of unglamorous work, improvisational politics, and surprising legacies that yield unfamiliar insights. The talks will share a common interest in questions of disciplinarity, transdisciplinarity and intellectual historiography, and will offer dynamic new ways of approaching the film and media theory and study.

Past annual conferences

Each year, the Carsey-Wolf Center hosts an invitational conference on a theme related to the study of film and media.

Uncanny Histories is sponsored by Carsey-Wolf Center and the Department of Film and Media Studies.