The Carsey-Wolf Center is pleased to announce the publication of At Translation’s Edge, edited by Nataša Durovicova, Patrice Petro, Lorena Terando. It is the second volume in the ongoing Media Matters series, produced by Rutgers University Press under the general editorship of Patrice Petro and Cristina Venegas.

Since the 1970s, the field of Translation Studies has entered into dialogue with an array of other disciplines, sustaining a close but contentious relationship with literary translation. At Translation’s Edge expands this interdisciplinary dialogue by taking up questions of translation across sub-fields and within disciplines, including film and media studies, comparative literature, history, and education among others. For the contributors to this volume, translation is understood in its most expansive, transdisciplinary sense: translation as exchange, migration, and mobility, including cross-cultural communication and media circulation. Whether exploring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or silent film intertitles, this volume brings together the work of scholars aiming to address the edges of Translation Studies while engaging with major and minor languages, colonial and post-colonial studies, feminism and disability studies, and theories of globalization and empire.

Media Matters focuses on film, television, and media within a transnational and interdisciplinary frame: environmental media, media industries, media and democracy, information media and global media. It features the work of scholars who explore ever expanding forms of media in art, every day, and entertainment practices. The series is sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center.

To learn more about At Translation’s Edge, visit the Rutgers University Press website. For more information about Carsey-Wolf Center publications, visit this page.