The Carsey-Wolf Center is pleased to announce the publication of Global Cinema Networks, edited by Elena Gorfinkel and Tami Williams. It is the first volume in the Media Matters series, produced by Rutgers University Press under the general editorship of Patrice Petro and Cristina Venegas.

Global Cinema Networks investigates the evolving aesthetic forms, technological and industrial conditions, and social impacts of cinema in the twenty-first century. The collection’s esteemed contributors excavate sites of global filmmaking in an era of digital reproduction and amidst new modes of circulation and aesthetic convergence, focusing primarily on recent films made across Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Moving beyond the digital as a harbinger of transformation, the volume offers new ways of thinking about cinema networks in a historical continuum, from “international” to “world” to “transnational” to “global” frames.

Media Matters focuses on film, television, and media within a transnational and interdisciplinary frame: environmental media, media industries, media and democracy, information media and global media. It features the work of scholars who explore ever expanding forms of media in art, every day, and entertainment practices. The series is sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center.

To learn more about Global Cinema Networks, visit the Rutgers University Press website. For more information about Carsey-Wolf Center publications, visit this page.