GreenScreen 2017 Film Premiere

Join us for the premiere of the 2017 GreenScreen student environmental films. The evening will showcase four student-produced films focused on eco-conciousness.

The event is free, but a reservation is recommended in order to guarantee a seat.

Reception to follow in the Michael Douglas Lobby.

Under Her Wing

The Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary is one of the few bird sanctuaries in the country, providing a home for abused, abandoned, and unwanted pet birds. Under Her Wing is a film about the challenges and delights that go into the care of these birds, under the direction of Jamie McLeod, the creator the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary.

Crew: Keenan McGuckin, Kevin Burnard, Selena Del Toro, Olivia Lucero, Suna Gedik, Danielle Cohen

The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point examines the issue of defunding and the silencing of science in today’s changing political climate. The film explores the efforts of local Santa Barbara organizations and scientists, who are fighting back against the suppression of science, to safeguard its integrity and our planet for generations to come.

Crew: Danielle Cohen, Brooke Raines, Ricardo Abundez, Emma Stehli, Julia Donath, Simone Staff, Aryana Moreno, Ricardo Hernandez, Kelten Hemingway, Malcom Coffman, Koa Mack, Corrine Fuchs

Breathing Their Air

Health problems, corrupted elections, heightened social inequity – Richmond’s refinery town lives in the shadows of an oil Goliath. In an era where corporations have more money and power to dominate people’s democracy, what happens when the little guy stands up?

Crew: Sruti Mamidanna, Ryan Tiefen, Brad Virshup, Chris Perez, Rekha Mamidanna, Mason Foste

Adventures & Outings

Adventures & Outings is a short documentary about a group of physically disabled people whose passion for adventure leads them to challenge the term “disabled.” We follow Program Coordinator Lori Gray and the members of Adventures & Outings as they go hiking, rock climbing, and shooting arrows.

Crew: Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, Catalina Camp, Stefan Le, James Lee, Ryan Tiefen, Aaron Kesler, Josh Bevan, Brooke Raines, Mika Pham, Immanuel, Melecio-Steinberg, Israel Vasquez 

This event is sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center and the Department of Film and Media Studies.