GreenScreen 2016 Film Premiere

Join us for the premiere of the 2016 GreenScreen student environmental films exhibition. The evening will showcase four student-produced films focused on eco-conciousness.

The event is free, but a reservation is recommended in order to guarantee a seat.

Reception to follow in the Michael Douglas Lobby.

The 11

Let’s break the unspoken barriers, and start a conversation with people sitting on the bus; whether they are plugged into their phone, reading a book or interested in us. The goal is to find the beauty in the normal.

Crew: Silvia Oton, Nicole Laughlin, Emily Lerner, Alexandra Vasquez


A film about sustainable eating told through conversations about veganism and an observation of the different subcultures that have emerged from this lifestyle.

Crew: Olivia Lucero, Elena Greenberg, Johnny Rafter, Catherine Dao, Zach Cabading, Shanon Peckham


Bees are an indicator species, a canary in the calming. By focusing on these busy insects, we hope to provide an angle on the need to be aware of our impact on the earth, and to teach people simple steps to protect the planet.

Crew: Leah Bleich, Christian Loenhart, Ricky Miller, Rachel Taylor

The Hostage

When two incompetent hitmen screw up a standard kidnapping they have to decide the right (eco) thing to do with their innocent hostage.

Crew: Josh Smith, Nicole Johal, Noah Norton, Nick Woltersdorf, Erica Schweitzer

This event is sponsored by The Carsey-Wolf Center’s Environmental Media Initiative; the Department of Film and Media Studies; and UCSB Associated Students Coastal Fund.