GreenScreen 2015 Student Film Premiere

The premiere of the 2015 GreenScreen student environmental films showcased four student-produced films focused on eco-conciousness: Anchored, Go Glean, Running On Empty, and Saving Sasquatch.

GreenScreen is a hands-on, project-based environmental media production program where students work in teams to leverage their collective production skills and environmental knowledge. The goal of the program is not only to increase awareness about the environment, but to expand the ways that these issues are represented and communicated. For more information about GreenScreen, visit this page.

Sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Environmental Media Initiative, the Department of Film and Media Studies, and UCSB Associated Students Coastal Fund.


In times where the environmental impacts or our modern lifestyle are evident, two UCSB graduate students show us an alternative way to live. ANCHORED presents the life of Rodrigo and Miguel, who live on a small 30 foot sailboat in front of the UCSB campus. From paddling to school everyday instead of driving a car, to using only their solar panels for energy, this documentary shows that our lifestyle choices might be crucial to solving today’s environmental challenges. From a unique perspective, this production is a call to action for everyone, living anchored or not.

Crew: Rodrigo Oyanadel, Amelie Litwin, Hailey Ruffner, Derek Isa, Echo Gun

Go Glean

A documentary short exploring the hidden waste of the agricultural industry and a current movement attempting to eradicate this problem – gleaning – the practice of harvesting leftover produce in the field by the grower due to issues related to aesthetics and quality of crop. 100 billion pounds of produce, fruits and veggies, are annually tilled back into the soil due to over planting, a practice that stems from the push for economic efficiency in our current agricultural process. Looking specifically at the gleaning programs on the Central Coast of California, San Luis Obisbo’s GleanSLO and Santa Barbara’s Backyard Bounty program, GO GLEAN! hopes to spread awareness about the overlooked issue of food waste, the processes that go into the wasteful decisions of what makes it to market, and how volunteers and growers can help to alleviate this societal problem.

Crew: Brendan Byrne, Shaina Goes, Steve Guzman, Carter Hiyama, Nicole Johal

Running On Empty

In a bleak futuristic California landscape, water is the most precious commodity. Good-natured former mechanic Ray Ward struggles to provide for his son, Nathan, in a harsh world where state-sponsored news broadcasts preach salvation, yet state-provided water rations shrink to inadequate levels within their poverty-stricken neighborhood – Sector 3. Through his developing relationship with Eli and Leah Palmer, a wealthy couple of a thriving, idyllic neighboring Sector under strict guard, Ray becomes a servant, bearing witness to their utopian world. However, as conditions within his Sector worsen and water access is threatened entirely, Ray must make grim decisions about what it necessary to survive and still remain someone his son can look up to.

Crew: Marvin Nuecklaus, Ted Horning, Ivan Palacio, Alexa Hegre, Matt Hoge, Hilcia Hernandez, Brandon Kado, Selena Del Toro, Victoria Chui, Israel Vasquez, Boson Wang, Berthold Wahjudi, Andres Serratos, Edgar Vega, Quinnolyn Benson-Yates, Whitney Murdy, Elena Greenberg, Jesus Garcia, Blake Edmunds, Amanda Diaz, Abraham Valles, Cesar Garcia

Saving Sasquatch

An introduction to the discourse among Bigfoot researchers that highlights environmental concerns pertaining to the legendary crypto-hominid.

Crew: Justin Minor, Alberto Lopez, Elyssa Gershman, Ted Horning, Yoshiki Anno, Stefan Le, Edgar Vega, Kelten Hemingway, Isaiah Egan, Maddie Marcin, Emma Gondola Manley, Israel Vasquez, Anastasia Kahn