GreenScreen 2011 Student Film Premiere

The premiere of the 2011 GreenScreen student environmental films showcased five student-produced films focused on eco-conciousness: Mellow, The Routine, Life of the Party, It’s Our Time, and Dirty Little Secret.

GreenScreen is a hands-on, project-based environmental media production program where students work in teams to leverage their collective production skills and environmental knowledge. The goal of the program is not only to increase awareness about the environment, but to expand the ways that these issues are represented and communicated. For more information about GreenScreen, visit this page.

Sponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Environmental Media Initiative, the Department of Film and Media Studies, and UCSB Associated Students Coastal Fund.


Logan Caufield had his own intentions in helping the environment, until an unfortunate accident shows how “sustainable” he really is.

Crew: Emma Kanter, Drew Bauer, Matthew Oquendo

The Routine

An environmentally unconscious young man becomes haunted by planet earth, literally.

Crew: Cory Cullington, Sara Finney, Gregory Israel, Junya Yabuno

Life of the Party

Students competing in a “Life of the Party” contest find out that getting wasted is just a big waste.

Crew: Wyatt Daily, Geo Marinos, Clare Edwards, Paul Bun Yun

It’s Our Time

The Environmental Affairs Board is more than just an environmental club on campus.

Crew: Kelsey Shields, Chris Maki, Vicente Fuentes

Dirty Little Secret

On their journey to make an environmentally friendly surfboard, two surfers learn how surfboard manufacturing can be harmful to the environment and ultimately how to curb some of that harm.

Crew: Sam Abeger, Aubry Morales, JJ Nugent, Cameron Lund