Blue Horizons 2018 Film Premiere

Join us for the premiere of several engaging and topical short films produced by students in the Blue Horizons Summer Program for Environmental Media. During this nine-week summer program, students learn elements that are essential to producing documentary films – from developing a film’s core idea and story, to thinking about its impact on its audiences, to the nuts-and-bolts of video production. After examining the critical issues of our region’s oceans and seashores, students develop their own stories and produce their own short documentaries.

The event will be followed by a reception in the Michael Douglas Lobby.

This event is free but a reservation is recommended in order to guarantee a seat.

Blue Horizons is generously sponsored by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

The Benioff Ocean Initiative Environmental Media Fellowship program, generously funded by Marc and Lynne Benioff, provides financial support for Blue Horizons students.

The program is cosponsored by the Carsey-Wolf Center, the Associated Student Coastal Fund, the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, the Department of Film and Media Studies, the National Marine Sanctuaries Channel Islands, Pond5 and UCSB Summer Sessions.


Generation Blue

In wake of the proposed executive order for offshore oil expansion, Generation Blue exemplifies pure resilience and youth strength against an administration consumed with the success of fossil fuel expansion at the cost of the environment and human livelihoods.

Crew: Not Rigged Productions
Shane Lynch
Maria McCausland
Maddie Megery
Joanne Yue

Harvesting Fire: California’s New Normal

While the Thomas Fire affected the lives of many people throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, few narratives highlight the devastating impacts of California’s second largest wildfire on some of its most vulnerable communities: farm workers and undocumented families. Harvesting Fire: California’s New Normal is a short documentary about the impacts California’s fire season has had on these marginalized groups and how everyday citizens are stepping in to support them. By following the stories of seemingly disparate but connected local activists, the film aims to capture not only the trials and tribulations but also the resiliency of the 805 community in the wake of the Thomas Fire.

Crew: MAR Productions
Ryota Kami
Annie H. Lee
Mariano Nava Botello

Rock Bottom

Plagued by drought, ravaged by wildfire, and struck by a ruthless storm—all these factors culminated in devastating and fatal debris flows in Montecito, CA on January 9th, 2018. Despite being on the front line of an increasing string of extreme and unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters, the community of Montecito has displayed an incredible ability to resist, recover, and rebuild in the face of consecutive tragedies. But for a town that has hit rock bottom, what’s next? 

Crew: Rolling Stone5
Isabelle Cassio
Red Chua
Ashley Diedenhofen
Alexa Scalzo
Ellie Vargas

Where Has the Food Gone?

Forty percent of the food that is produced in the United States goes to waste along the production chain even as a significant portion of the population continues to go hungry. Food waste is an issue that affects all, as the decomposition of food waste in landfills releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making it a major contributor to climate change. Where Has the Food Gone? examines the consequences of food waste, how to reduce it, how food can be repurposed, and the groups in Santa Barbara that are making these changes happen.

Crew: Hungry Productions
Jahan Atebar
Anita Carrahar
Beatriz Ulloa
Eunis Koo
Bridger Moore