Scene Reading

Matt Ryan (Host), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Bob Gale (Screenwriter)

Script to Screen Series Returns for Season 4 in October 2014

The Script to Screen series examines the process of translating a film's script to the big screen from the perspective of the writers, directors, producers and actors. Through a lively, moderated discussion, the script takes center stage. The intimate, state of the art, 296 seat Pollock Theater is the perfect place to connect artists with our patron audience consisting of aspiring production students, Guild and Academy members and the general Santa Barbara community. Past honored guests have included Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley for 12 Years a Slave, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Bob Nelson for Nebraska, Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Schulman for Dead Poets Society, actor Malcolm McDowell for A Clockwork Orange and director Josh Boone and executive producer Isaac Klausner for The Fault in Our Stars.

After a screening of the artists' work, the theater transforms into a TV studio where our Q&A’s become a hi-definition, multi-camera show produced and directed by the Pollock Theater Interns. These shows are live-streamed for Academy members and film lovers, they air on the UCTV cable channel, and can be obtained on iTunes, which just last month had 350,000 downloads.  

Script to Screen is sponsored by the department of Film and Media Studies and the Carsey-Wolf Center. It is hosted and produced by the Pollock Theater Director, Matt Ryan, and co-produced by Joe Palladino.

Script to Screen has now expanded to Script to Screen: On Location, where we interview screenwriters, actors and directors on the sets of their current films, productions offices or on the red carpet.  We have interviewed Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, David O. Russell and many more.


Script to Screen Featured Videos

   The Fault in Our Stars with Director - Josh Boone & Executive Producer - Isaac Klausner

    12 Years A Slave with 2014 Oscar Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay- John Ridley

     Nebraska with 2014 Oscar Nominated Screenwriter Bob Nelson

     A Clockwork Orange with Malcolm McDowell

     Back to the Future with Oscar nominated Screenwriter Bob Gale & Christopher Lloyd

    2014 DGA & WGA Awards with Oscar Winning Director Alfonso Cuaron, Director Steve McQueen and many others

   Silver Linings Playbook with David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, and others


Script to Screen Past Videos

   30th Anniversary of Footloose with Screenwriter/Oscar winning songwriter Dean Pitchfor


  Argo with Ben Affleck, Chris Terrio(Screenwriter), and others

    Risky Business with Paul Brickman, Jon Avnet, and actor Curtis Armstrong

     The Devil Wears Prada with screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna


    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Red Carpet Premiere Interviews


     Field of Dreams with writer/director Phil Alden Robinson


    Sleepless in Seattle with screenwriter Jeff Arch 


     Hard Candy with screenwriter Brian Nelson & producer Richard Hutton


     Rain Man with Oscar Winning screenwriter Barry Morrow

    10 Things I Hate About You with screenwriters Kirsten Smith & Karen McCullah Lutz 


    Dead Poets Society with Oscar Winning screenwriter Tom Schulman     


    2013 WGA Awards Interviews with WGA/Oscar Nominees on the Red Carpet


  2013 Santa Barbara Film Festival- Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, and others

    2013 GLAAD Awards: - Ted Danson


     Secretary with screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson


     Batman: Mask of the Phantasm with screenwriters Alan Burnett & Michael Reaves


      An Evening with Don Hertzfeldt (Oscar Nominee) 


      Tower Heist with screenwriter Jeff Nathanson