Connected Viewing Initiative

The Connected Viewing Initiative, a collaborative venture with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, funded an international team of scholars to study the multi-platform, socially networked entertainment experience and the larger trend across the media industries to integrate digital technology and socially networked communication with traditional screen media practices.


Defining a term, a phenomenon, and a collaborative research project between industry and academy. More>



Year 3 Report


Announcing the Connected Viewing Initiative Year Three Final Report, available for download here.




2015 Team
2015 Team


Meet the 2015 Connected Viewing Initiative Team here.





Year 2 Report


Announcing the Connected Viewing Initiative Year Two Final Report, available for download here.



MIP Connected Viewing Content

To read Media Industries Project content related to connected viewing, click here.


The Connected Viewing Initiative has produced a series of infographics, "Connected Viewing by the Numbers." Each one visualizes different data sets related to connected viewing, citing research from a wide variety of publicly available reports, and they will spotlight particular connected devices, apps, and viewing habits. To view, click on the icon below.









2014 Team
CV Community


The CVI has cultivated a wider community of scholars engaged in exciting research related to connected viewing. Read more about their work here.



2014 Team
2014 Team


Meet the 2014 Connected Viewing Initiative Team. More>




Connected Viewing Anthology


Connected Viewing: Selling, Streaming, & Sharing Media in the Digital Era has recently been published by Routledge. Read more about the collection of essays here.




2012 Team
2012 Report


Announcing the Connected Viewing Initiative 2012 Final Report, available for download here.



2012 Team
2012 Team


Meet the 2012 CVI  team and read about their research projects and collaboration with Warner Bros. More>






Resources, including links to industry research reports and other information about the history of connected viewing and this initiative.  More>



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