Our Vision

MIP is a leading center for media industries studies – a trusted authority for researchers, students, journalists, and industry professionals. 

Our Mission 

The Media Industries Project (MIP) conducts research on digital distribution, creative labor, and globalization. By fostering dialogue between the industry and academy, our research and programming initiatives identify new ways to think about change in media industries worldwide. Moreover, our thriving website publishes timely updates, interviews, and independent analyses of industry practices, policies, and trends. 

MIP has four strategic objectives: 

  • Foster dialog and awareness among the industry, academy, and general public
  • Generate critical resources for scholars, students, and industry professionals
  • Conduct independent research initiatives 
  • Build a global community of scholars devoted to media industries research

Founding Directors

Michael Curtin

Jennifer Holt, MIP Founding DirectorJennifer Holt is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies and Founding Director of Media Industries Project at UC Santa Barbara.She specializes in the study of media industries and regulatory policy. She is the co-editor of Media Industries (2009) and author of the book Empires of Entertainment (2011), a contemporary history of media deregulation from the Reagan era through the Telecommunications Act. Her current research explores media policy in the age of convergence. Her courses at UCSB include Media Industries, Television History and Media Criticism.