Distribution Revolution is a collection of interviews about the ways digital delivery systems are transforming the entertainment business.

Comic Con Showroom

Comics-originated screen adaptations have emerged from a distinct industry, subculture, and art form. 

Cable Bundles

There may be no more irksome issue for contemporary media consumers than the persistence of the "cable bundle" but there are reasons to think its days may be numbered.

Silicon Beach Map

Lured by cheaper rent, better weather, beach access, and closer proximity to entertainment companies, today over 800 startups call Silicon Beach home.

Branded entertainment is an increasingly important element in the evolving media “ecosystem” that will affect entertainment supply chains and help shape new cultural forms. 

The Media Industries Project examines the profound changes affecting media industries worldwide, focusing especially on creative labor, digital distribution, and globalization. 

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RT @jdhenchman: Michigan House votes to end film tax credits; Massachusetts considering issue http://t.co/xvKqLzWjyk
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Business model debate: sub vs. ad “@TheSwitch: Why the cable industry should fear Verizon’s streaming video app http://t.co/0UAB52AZDy”
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“@jeanburgess: Super good close reading of FB platform policy update by @tarletong at Social Media Collective blog http://t.co/6dhe6pMs6w”
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