The Environmental Media Initiative (EMI) brings together environmental scientists with film and media scholars—drawn from the humanities, arts, and social sciences—to collaborate on teaching, research, and public programming. The EMI explores all of the ways media and the environment influence, structure, and inhabit each other: the environment in media, media in the environment.  

EMI teaching initiatives range from the Blue Horizons Summer Program for Environmental Media and the GreenScreen Environmental Media Program to a seminar course on the Art of Science Media. Blue Horizons and GreenScreen are supported by grants from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Corp., UCSB Summer Sessions, and the Coastal Fund, among others. EMIRG team members will look to creating a multi-department, cross-division undergraduate and graduate emphasis in environmental media.

EMI programming efforts include a conference on Environmental Media, film festival panels on green movie production, film screenings of innovative environmental films, and invited lectures by an international array of scientists and artists addressing issues of the environment in film and film in the environment. EMI hosts environmental media programming in the state-of-the art Pollock Film Theater for education and entertainment and to provide scientific data visualization for research.



Constance Penley (Film and Media Studies) and Janet Walker (Film and Media Studies)


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