Students will examine larger issues related to curation, including the construction of canons, cultural value, and economies of prestige. Students will also work with the Carsey-Wolf Center director in curating actual programs for the Pollock Theater and related research events. Class members will discuss readings focused on curation, screen films and other media, research potential guests, write questions for Q&A sessions with invited guests, and write program notes for the Carsey-Wolf Center’s website and Pollock programs. The course will foster the skills needed to create effective public and academic events through class discussions of methodological issues. Documents produced for this course may be published through the Carsey-Wolf Center website. The course is repeatable for a total of four units, and may be used as an elective course in Film Studies if all four units are taken.

If you have questions about the course, please contact Carsey-Wolf Center Director Patrice Petro: