Pollock Theater

The heart of the Center, the Pollock Theater is a classroom by day, providing lecture and performance space to actively engage students, filtering a liberal arts education through the lens of media.

By night, it serves as a public theater and a space to engage both university and community audiences for year-round programming of a diverse array of films and filmmakers from across the country and the world.

We seek funding to bring exciting programming to the University and Santa Barbara Community. We invite you to support individual programs, series, and public forums on film, television and new media.

Script to Screen                                      

The Script to Screen series examines screenwriting and how the screenplay is translated into film. In the series, guest writers reveal their creative storytelling process, actors discuss how they breathe life into the scripted characters, and directors explore the transformation of a script into a visual story for the screen. Through a lively, moderated discussion, the script will take center stage. On special occasions the actors will perform live scene readings.

Now in its 4th season, Script to Screen has been brought the top Hollywood screenwriting talent to the Pollock Theater; Bob Gale-Back to the Future, Oscar winner Tom Schulman-Dead Poets Society, Oscar winner Barry Morrow and many more.

The series has expanded to Script to Screen: On Location. The Pollock Theater Interns get an amazing opportunity to go to red carpet events to produce and direct interview segments with writers, directors, producers and actors discussing the art of the screenplay. The interviews include; Oscar winner-Ben Affleck, Oscar nominee writer/director David O. Russell, Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and many more.

Media Industries Project

The Media Industries Project (MIP) examines the rapid and dramatic changes affecting media industries worldwide. At a time of tremendous uncertainty, MIP offers a unique forum for bringing together industry practitioners, policy experts, and leading scholars to encourage innovative thinking about the future and purpose of media.  The Project will execute its mission through a range of activities, including public forums, publications, and by maintaining a rich and accessible online knowledge base targeted at industry practitioners, researchers, students, and the general public.

We seek funding for research, summer summits, industry forums, graduate student fellowships, on-line journalistic expertise, and public programming such as conferences, symposia and lectures. 

Environmental Media Initiative

The Environmental Media Initiative (EMI) is a growing interdisciplinary program of teaching, research, and public programs that translate Science into Solutions. 

DigitalOcean (DO)

DigitalOcean uses the power of collaborative digital media to improve our understanding of the sea.  DO’s mixture of technological and social networking solutions will enable multi-disciplinary, multi-generational communities—a network of networks for scientists, educators, students, policy makers, media specialists, ocean enthusiasts, people who make their living from the sea, and the general public. Sharing content at all levels allows participants to serve as active stewards of marine welfare.

Sampling the Sea

A project of DigitalOcean, Sampling the Sea engages middle and high-school students in the scientific process, educating future generations with environmental savvy and providing current environmental scientists with usable data. 

Blue Horizons Summer Program

Blue Horizons, sponsored in part by Sony Pictures Entertainment, designs coursework where students gain understanding of current environmental issues and the technical skills required to convey green messages to their peers, scientists, policymakers, and the general public by producing short, compelling videos. Funding will support additional classes and students.

GreenScreen Student Film Production

GreenScreen, the extension of the Blue Horizons Summer Program during the regular academic year, uses collaborative teaching to produce media with an environmental message.  Support for this program will enable us to involve additional students.

We seek funding for developing environmental media curriculum, research projects such as DigitalOcean and Sampling the Sea, and public programming in the Pollock Theater.  

We thank Sony Pictures Entertainment for their donations of equipment for Environmental Media curriculum

Internship Program

Much of our students’ education takes place outside of the classroom through independent research, community service, internships, study abroad; in student government and student organizations; on the playing field and in the gym; on stage and in the concert hall. Intercollegiate and intramural athletics enhance community outreach and develop leaders and champions.

The Carsey-Wolf Center Media Internship Program places students in media companies. Internship host companies range from small independent and major production companies, to documentary film producers, news entities, environmental public relations, and talent agencies. Internship host companies include:

BermanBraun • Chicago Pacific Entertainment • Cinelixir • Diverse Talent Group • Double Feature Films • Fox 2000 • Green Living Project • Green2Gold • Katalyst Films • MillerMcCune • Montecito Picture Company • Planetary Group • Santa Barbara Noozhawk

Not only do these internships provide practical experience for our students, but they open doors to potential career opportunities following graduation.

Additionally, we provide internships to work in the development and implementation of programming in the Pollock Theater and other Center events, providing hands-on practical experiences for our students. 

We seek funding to provide stipends and travel grants for participating students.