International Screen Industries

The International Screen Industries (ISI) Book Series is edited by MIP Director Michael Curtin and Professor Paul McDonald of the University of Nottingham. It is published by the British Film Institute in cooperation with Palgrave Macmillan. ISI provides lively analysis of media industries around the world.

Arab Television Industries Cover
Arab Television Industries by Marwan M. Kraidy and Joe F. Khalil
The American Television Industry Cover
The American Television Industry by Michael Curtin and Jane Shattuc
East Asian Screen Industries Cover
East Asian Screen Industries by Darrell William Davis and Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh
Video and DVD Industries Cover
Video and DVD Industries by Paul McDonald
Global Television Marketplace Cover
Global Television Marketplace by Timothy Havens
European Television Industries Cover
European Television Industries by Petros losifidis, Jeanette Steemers and Mark Wheeler
European Film Industries Cover
European Film Industries by Anne Jackel




















Series Description

Cinema, television, and digital media industries are situated at the very centre of modern societies. In addition to serving as prominent venues of cultural expression and public life, they provide substantial employment, investment, and merchandising opportunities. They furthermore interact with related knowledge industries and are important contributors to the larger service economy. Just as importantly, screen industries are intertwined with state, cultural, and public institutions, which distinguishes them from other modern enterprises.

This series describes and analyzes screen industries around the world, examining their working practices and the social contexts in which they operate. The series provides a baseline understanding of media industries by focusing on local and national forces that shape them as well as transnational flows of capital, goods, skills and genres that increasingly influence them. In addition to geographically defined volumes, the series offers critical analysis of key institutions, trends, and phenomena that cut across regions, such as global television sales and video gaming. Taken together, these books establish the first authoritative and comprehensive collection of international screen industry studies. Each volume identifies key institutions and addresses related topics, such as:

  • the structure and organization of screen industries 
  • historical changes that shaped those industries
  • recent trends in production, distribution, and delivery systems
  • market patterns and dynamics 
  • patterns of consumption, use, and popular taste
  • popular genres and programme formats 
  • recent developments in policy and regulation
  • transnational forces and influences
  • the impact of new technologies
  • future trends and prospects

Although each volume focuses on a particular theme or region, collectively the series constructs a broad-ranging and coherent picture of screen industries worldwide. For submission guidelines or more information about the series, please contact the series editors directly at <> or <>