From The Field

As part of our mission, the Media Industries Project serves as a clearing house for media industries research. From the Field is your guide to the latest, most relevant scholarship from a range of disciplines and journals.

The Spring 2011 edition of From the Field includes Josh Heuman’s article on the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, Gabriel Alberto Moreno Esparza’s piece on the relationship between Televisa and Univision and Nodir Adilov’s research on the economics of cable programming tiers.Also in this edition, work from the International Journal of Cultural Studies including analysis of television format translation in Taiwan and China and the transnational audience for Tamil soap operas....

The Winter 2011 edition of From the Field features Bridget Conor’s discussion of the “Wellywood” labor dispute, Jayson Harsin’s analysis of Wikileaks and Sean Cubitt, Robert Hassan, and Ingrid Volkmer history of cloud computing. This edition also includes articles from Robin Mansell, Bart CammaertsBuck Clifford Rosenberg, discussing the relationship between neo-liberal discourse and media texts.

The Fall 2010 edition of From the Field highlights Ben Aslinger’s work on global gaming, Mikhail Koulikov on peer-to-peer media distribution and Mary Celeste Kearney on gender and media making technology. This edition also draws attention to media industries research on tax credits, conglomerate structure, corporate identity and content libraries featured in Volume 52 of Jump Cut.