From The Field

As part of our mission, the Media Industries Project serves as a clearing house for media industries research. From the Field is your guide to the latest, most relevant scholarship from a range of disciplines and journals.

The Summer 2012 edition of From the Field features articles from Shanti Kumar on India's transition to digital television, Kayti Lausch on the CW's programming strategies, Dan Hong on Chinese adoption of copyright enforcement, and Matthew Payne on the importance of marketing for war-based video games.

The Spring 2012 edition of From the Field features articles from Sharon Shahaf on Israeli TV formats, Terry Flew and Nicholas A. Phelps on the creative economies of the suburbs, Alexander Ly, Bertrum H. MacDonald, & Sandra Toze on net neutrality, and a roundtable on News Corp after the phone hacking scandal. 

The Winter 2012 edition of From the Field contains articles from TreaAndrea M. Russworm on the cultural renaissance of black-authored online content, Chuck Tryon on the competing distribution models of Red Box and Netflix, Patricia Phalen and Julia Osellame on the politics of the writers' room, Jean K. Chalaby on global television formats, and many more! 

The Fall 2011 edition of From the Field includes essays from Kristen Warner and Amy Long about Hollywood’s normative casting practices. Chuck Tryon examines distribution strategies for politically charged documentaries, and Richard Nowell questions popular assumptions about the audience for early teen slasher films. 

The Summer 2011 edition of From the Field features analyses of international format exchange and remakes from Iain Robert Smith and Rashna Wadia Richards. For an examination of the partnership between HBO and Funny or Die, check out the analysis by Nick Marx.  For more about Twitter's influence on mainstream news coverage, read Dhiraj Murthy's essay.