From The Field

As part of our mission, the Media Industries Project serves as a clearing house for media industries research. From the Field is your guide to the latest, most relevant scholarship from a range of disciplines and journals.

The Fall 2013 From the Field edition highlights articles from Bill Kirkpatrick on vernacular policymaking, Chuck Tryon on the aesthetics and economics of reboot cinema, Mirana M. Szeto and Yun-chung Chen on the mainlandization of the Hong Kong film industry, and other media industries scholars. 

The Summer 2013 From the Field edition features articles from Kenton T. Wilkinson and Patrick F. Merle on the use of trade journal reports for media industries research, Joshua Braun on online television distribution, David Hesmonghalgh and Anamik Saha on the role of race and ethnicity in production studies, and many other media industry scholars.

The Spring 2013 edition of From the Field features articles from Alisa Perren on reconceptualizing distribution, Nitin Govil on interrogating the boundaries of industry, Jennifer Holt on the challenges and opportunities involved in collaborations between industry and academic institutions, and many other leading media industry scholars.

The Winter 2013 edition of From the Field features articles on Bollywood's transnational appeal, piracy and digital game preservation, Dutch media industries, and much more.

The Fall 2012 edition of From the Field contains articles from William Mazzarella on the development of Indian TV, Max Dawson on the emergence of early mobile TV services, Erin Copple Smith on Bravo's cross-promotional strategies, and Michael Z. Newman on the circulation of TV through illegal peer-to-peer services.