Carsey-Wolf Media Industries Research Fellows

Carsey-Wolf Media Industires Research Fellowships support media industries research that critically engages with at least one of the following areas: digital distribution, media globalization, and creative labor. We welcome applications from instructors and full-time graduate students who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy. International scholars also are welcome to apply.

Cynthia B. Meyers

Cynthia MeyersCynthia B. Meyers is Associate Professor, Communication, College of Mount Saint Vincent, New York (Ph.D., Radio-TV-Film, University of Texas at Austin). She researches the history of the advertising and broadcasting industries with the aim of integrating the advertising industry into the field of media industry studies. Her interests include the evolution of media business models, particularly those based on advertising revenues; advertising strategies; and the integration of advertising and entertainment in sponsored or branded content, past and present. Her publications include the book, A Word from Our Sponsor: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio (Fordham University Press, 2014); articles published in journals such as Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Quarterly Review of Film and Television, and Columbia Journal of American Studies; and a book chapter in Holt and Perren, eds., Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009). She blogs about new and old media at Antenna and A Word from Our Sponsor, tweets as @annehummert, and posts old advertisements on her Tumblr, wordfromoursponsor.

Meyers recently attended the 2014 Media Summit NYC. She has incorporated key takeaways from the event into an original research essay for MIP about how media executives are negotiating the problems branded entertainment in the digital age. 

Matt Sienkiewicz

Matt Sienkiewicz teaches courses in global media cultures and media theory. His research focuses on the West’s investment in Middle Eastern broadcasting initiatives as well the politics of contemporary American comedy. His publications include articles in Media, Culture & Society, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, The International Journal of Cultural Studies, Popular Communication, The Journal of Film and Video, The Velvet Light Trap, The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, Columbia Journalism Review and The Atlantic. He is the co-editor of Saturday Night Live and American Culture and is currently working on a monograph entitled The Other Air Force, which looks at American broadcasting initiatives in the post 9/11 Middle East.

In addition to his work as a scholar, Matt is also an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and screenwriter. His film, Live From Bethlehem, was released by the Media Education Foundation in September 2009 and has screened worldwide, including at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, Poland's WatchDocs Human Rights Film Festival, the Chicago Palestine Film Festival and London’s Frontline Club. His new documentary, The Ragged Edge, is due for release in fall 2014.

Sienkiewicz used the research support to offset costs associated with his fieldwork in Kabul, Afghanistan. He incorporated key takeaways from his time in the city into an original research essay for MIP about the unprecedented opportunities (and risks) for young media entrepreneurs.