CVI Publishes Year Two Final Report

The Connected Viewing Initiative project began as a conversation with Warner Bros. Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President Thomas Gewecke about the changes in media distribution brought on by digital technologies and the value scholars may be able to provide with our unique perspective on these changes. Today, it has evolved into a multi-year international research project examining the future of connected viewing all over the world as it relates to new forms of engagement, production opportunities, audience expectations and behaviors, international privacy regulations, and big data.

Our initial inquiries into the multi-screen, socially-networked entertainment experience began with thirteen projects, ranging from a study of the collector’s mindset to projects focused upon connected viewing behaviors in the UK, Portugal, and Sweden. In the second year of collaboration with WB, we continued to explore international audiences with projects about China, India, South Korea, and Brazil, while also presenting findings about privacy regulation and the growing importance of the digital ecosystem, from business models to methods of content discovery.

This research represents what we view as the best that industry-academic partnerships can generate: a truly engaged community of research with fresh insights around a rapidly evolving area of mutual interest. We are hopeful these findings will prove valuable for a range of audiences from industry professionals to students of digital media industries at our universities.

The CVI and Warner Bros. will continue their partnership for a third year of research, which kicked off in fall 2014.

To download the report, click here.