The Connected Viewing Initiative 2012 Findings Released

UCSB’s Connected Viewing Initiative Delivers Findings on Significant Trends in Digital Media Usage and Distribution

Research from the Connected Viewing Initiative [CVI] at the University of California, Santa Barbara, provides compelling evidence that consumers are resisting efforts by content companies to dictate audience behavior. Among the findings:

  • The image of reckless consumers pirating content is far too simplistic; audiences are actually willing to pay for content. Researchers found that piracy is more a result of a failure by media companies to match supply to consumer demand.
  • Content companies trying to stimulate ownership need to understand that consumers prize control over where, when, and how they access content most of all.
  • For media collectors, the similarities between the physical and digital objects are stronger than researchers expected. For example, collectors want to display their media, whether on a shelf or a screen.
  • International and domestic audiences share many priorities, including a desire to access content more quickly than studios make it available.

These findings are based on a yearlong research venture conducted by the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Media Industries Project [MIP] in collaboration with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, a rare partnership between an academic institution and a major Hollywood studio.

The CVI and Warner Bros. will continue their partnership for a second year of research, an extension that will officially kick off in the fall.

To download the report, click here: download doc here