Winter/Spring Application Deadline: October 15, or Next Business Day

Summer/ Fall Application Deadline: March 1, or Next Business Day

This program offers UC Santa Barbara students a unique opportunity to work in well-known Southern California media companies. CWC Media Internships will run for 16-20 weeks over two quarters, enabling interns to develop in-depth knowledge of host organizations and the industry. In these extended internships, students can take on greater responsibility and more complex assignments.

CWC Media Internships are ideally suited for ambitious, self-directed students who hope to learn more about how the media industry operates, and want to develop important contacts for the future. Our interns can come from any discipline that stresses creative and critical thinking, media literacy and policy, organization and integration, and the crafts of writing and storytelling.

The Media Internships Program accepts 8-10 exceptional students each session in a competitive selection process.  Interns work in organizations in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara.  Santa Barbara internships are usually two half-days (mornings or afternoons) or one full day a week. Los Angeles internships are typically one day a week, and interns must arrange their own transportation. Interns traveling weekly to Los Angeles receive $300 each quarter ($600 in total) to defray travel costs. Summer internships can be arranged for multiple days a week. 


  • Cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Completion of FMST 54 (Hollwood: Anatomy of an Industry)

Types of Media Internships

Our interns have achieved reputations as enthusiastic workers who bring strong communication and critical-thinking skills to any task they are assigned. Our students have found placements in a variety of media fields: agencies, distribution, exhibition, journalism, production, and promotion. Host organizations include:

  • Small independent and major film production companies
  • Television production companies
  • News entities
  • Digital/new media firms
  • Music and entertainment marketing firms
  • Environmental public relations
  • Talent agencies

What You Might Expect

Most Media Interns start out doing general office and administrative duties – learning how to answer the phone professionally and operating a company-wide phone system; seeing information flow through an organization by working in the mailroom; and helping to provide organization by filing.

With time and experience, interns are often given greater responsibility and new learning opportunities – applying critical thinking skills by doing script coverage; leveraging research experience by contributing to new project ideas; exercising computer skills by updating websites, using social media, and archiving digital media files and databases; and learning marketing skills by working on celebrity, project, or event outreach and promotion.

Intern experiences vary widely, depending on an intern’s skills, interests, and persistence in looking for new opportunities to contribute and learn. Due to union rules, interns are not allowed on sets and generally do not get hands-on production or editing experience. However, previous Interns have shadowed Production Assistants or observed Agent/Talent interactions, proposed new website concepts, shuttled Talent to/from production locations, designed a new student film festival, served as the camera person for a local news channel, and more.


Apply for a Media Internship

2017-18 Media Internships

Deadlines for Applications

Internship Session

Application Deadlines


October 15, or Next Business Day

Summer/ Fall

March 1, or Next Business Day


Media InternPrerequisites

  • Enrolled with junior, senior, or graduate student standing during the two quarters of the internship
  • 3.0 or higher overall grade point average
  • Previous work or internship experience
  • Knowledge of media organizations and/or issues
  • Completion of Film and Media Studies 54: Hollywood: Anatomy of an Industry, before starting the internship

Additional Considerations

  • Media interns must fully commit to the two-quarter long Internship session
  • Media interns must obtain university course credits for their internship through concurrent enrollment in an independent study or internship course through their major or the Department of Film and Media Studies
  • Potential interns will specify whether they are available to intern in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, or both
  • Los Angeles interns must arrange their own transportation to and from the internship site; they are eligible to receive a $300 gas stipend for each quarter
  • Students who have graduated prior to the first quarter they wish to intern are not eligible for the program

Please Submit All of the Following Documents:

  • Media internship application form 
  • A one-page cover letter explaining why you want to participate in the program and what you bring to it (what are your career goals, why  are you interested in this internship, what are your goals for the internship, what qualities make you a good intern?)
  • Unofficial transcript of coursework verifying junior, senior or graduate student status, enrollment in Film and Media Studies 54, and GPA of 3.0 or above
  • A letter of recommendation, preferably from a past internship sponsor or work supervisor. Letters from professors will also be accepted
  • A résumé indicating at least one prior internship or relevant work experience

Submit Your Complete Application Package to: and

Application/Selection Process

  • Submit your complete application package by the application deadline.
  • Carsey-Wolf Center faculty and staff will review all applications.
  • Selected qualified applicants will be notified and scheduled for a 30-minute interview.
  • Carsey-Wolf Center faculty and staff will select eight to ten interns for the program each session. Selected interns will receive a Media Internship letter of acceptance to review and sign.
  • Interns who agree to the terms of the Media Internship will be matched with a host organization based on the student’s interests and skills and the host organization’s requirements.
  • Carsey-Wolf Center staff will make the initial contact with the host organization on behalf of the intern candidate. Most host organizations will do a phone interview with the intern before final acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, interns will negotiate their specific start date and weekly workday and times directly with their internship supervisors.

Additional Resources for Interns:

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Visit, log into GauchoLink and choose the “documents” menu for tips on preparing cover letters and résumés.

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