Media InternshipBefore You Get Started

  • Arrange to receive credits for the internship. Check with your major to see if they offer credit for internships. If not, please contact Emily Zinn about enrolling for independent study credits with the Department of Film and Media Studies.
  • Obtain proof of your student status for your host organization. Your internship supervisor will require you to provide evidence that you are an enrolled student receiving credit for the internship. You can bring your internship acceptance email from the Center, or proof of enrollment in a course providing internship credits printed off the UCSB Gold system.
  • Sign into GauchoLink on the Career Services website: Choose the Resources section and then choose Document Library.  Download and read the Internship Toolkit document.  Also visit the Career Advice section of the website for interviewing tips.

Your First Week

  • Download the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Internship Learning Agreement. During your first week at your internship, use the form to guide a discussion with your internship supervisor about your learning objectives, job responsibilities, and type of projects that you will do during your internship. Compete the form, sign, and get your internship supervisor to review and sign.
  • Make three copies of your Learning Agreement: one for your supervisor, one for your department if you are obtaining credit there for the internship, and one for your own records.
  • Return the original Learning Agreement to Emlly Zinn to include in your media internship file. 

Emily Zinn
Carsey-Wolf Center
University of California Santa Barbara
4431 SS&MS Bldg
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4010

Midway Check-in

  • In weeks 6-7 of your internship, you must schedule a one-on-one meeting with Emily Zinn ( to review the progress of your internship and get suggestions for how you can get more from the learning experience.
  • In weeks 8-9 of your internship, you must schedule a one-on-one meeting with your internship supervisor to get feedback on your performance and contributions, ask for new types of assignments to enhance your learning agreement, and negotiate the time you might need to take off work for finals or break between the two quarters of your internship.
  • By week 10, email a one-page Midway Summary memo to Emily Zinn including: how many hours you have worked, what you’ve learned from your internship to date, and what you negotiated with your supervisor to accomplish in the second half of your internship. This memo will form the basis of your first quarter grade; without it, you will not receive a grade.

To Complete Your Internship

(The week before the end of the two-quarter internship)

  • Download and complete the Intern Exit Evaluation form, and return it to Emily Zinn ( If you are unable to scan and email the signed form, you can deliver the forms to the Carsey-Wolf Center 2433 SSMS or you can put the form in the mail to Emily Zinn. Download and complete your portion of the Employer Exit Evaluation form. Give this form to your internship supervisor to complete, along with a stamped envelope addressed to Emily Zinn at the Carsey-Wolf Center. Your supervisor may choose to provide a copy of the completed form to you.

NOTE: Emily Zinn must receive your Learning Agreement, Midway Summary memo, and both the Intern and Employer Exit Evaluation forms by the end of Finals week (of the second quarter of your internship)  to receive credit for completing your internship.