Media InternWhy Choose a Carsey-Wolf Center Media Intern?

The Carsey-Wolf Center Media Internship Program is a unique capstone internship opportunity for select juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have not only distinguished themselves academically, but also have a broad understanding of media industries and prior work or internship experience. The Carsey-Wolf Center faculty and staff interview and select the best from among UC Santa Barbara’s most motivated students for our Media Internship Program. Students apply for the program in a competitive and personalized process. The Carsey-Wolf Center matches our most qualified interns with host organizations whose needs are a good fit for the students’ skills and interests. 

Our interns are highly motivated, reliable, quick learners, and are grateful for the opportunity to gain an inside view of media careers and industries through their internships.

The signature of UC Santa Barbara students is their strong grounding in the liberal arts arts and sciences. This broad background of knowledge and modes of inquiry helps our students make sense of the past, come to terms with the present, and shape the future. Courses in film, television, creative writing, and communication analysis offered across several academic majors teach students both how to evaluate materials and tell stories in their own powerful voices.

Become a Host Organization

The Carsey-Wolf Center’s Media Internship Program welcomes inquiries from media organizations interested in working with UC Santa Barbara undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring careers in traditional and new media fields. Host organizations participating in the program cover a range of media areas, including film and television production, new media, journalism, marketing and public relations.

Requirements for Host Organizations

Internship supervisors should review the UC Santa UC Santa Barbara Career Services Internships for information relating to general guidelines for internships offered through the university.

Course Credit for Internships

Interns are enrolled at the university and obtain course credits for their work. Supervisors may ask for a copy of the internship acceptance email or a Letter of Certification from the student to guarantee their UC Santa Barbara enrollment status.

Regular Term and Summer Internships

Generally, during the regular school year, students work 8 hours a week for two consecutive10-week quarters. Typically, students are not available during finals week. Summer internship schedules are flexible. Students may be available to work one, two or more days a week from July through September.

What You Can Expect of the Intern

You can expect that these will be the very best students, with both practical and course experience related to media industry activities. In addition to administrative work, most media interns are interested in, and able to provide, help with script coverage, research, production, marketing, writing, and other activities. You may ask an Intern to sign a standard industry confidentiality agreement.

What the Intern Can Expect from You

The university and the Media Internship Program require that internships (a) balance the amount of clerical work ( no more than 50% data entry/filing) with pre-professional tasks and projects that enrich the intern's knowledge, and (b) offer some training and feedback about the intern's progress. At the beginning of the internship, the intern will bring a Learning Agreement form for the intern and supervisor to complete. At the halfway point, interns will review their progress with their internship supervisor and write a midway memo summarizing what they have learned and what they hope to learn in the second half of the internship. At the conclusion of the internship, the Intern will bring an Employer Exit Evaluation form for the supervisor to complete and mail or fax to the Carsey-Wolf Center’s Media Internship Program Coordinator: 



 Emily Zinn
Carsey-Wolf Center
University of California Santa Barbara
2433 SS&MS Bldg.
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4010


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