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We invite applications from motivated students in any discipline wishing to explore career opportunities through internships in traditional and new media companies. Los Angeles and Santa Barbara-area host companies include small independent studios and agencies, major television and film production companies, and journalism and environmental media marketing businesses. Media Internships extend over two quarters.  More >

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The signature approach to studying media and communication at UC Santa Barbara is a strong grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. Our students learn how to make sense of the past, come to terms with the present, and shape the future. Media interns bring enthusiasm, curiosity, and strong analytic skills to their host organizations. Interns work 8-10 hours per week on mutually beneficial projects defined in collaboration with their supervisors.  More >

The Pollock Theater Internship is a selective program offering industry-level hands-on experience in live television production and event planning. Over the course of the three quarter internship, students will focus on learning how to write, shoot, and direct Q&As, talk shows, news shows, and sitcoms. Interns also work night events where they will shoot live, multi-camera Q&As which air on the UCTV broadcast cable station and provide them with production credentials. The TV shows produced through this program have generated 13.8 million views on UCTV.