List of upcoming events affiliated with the CWC's Environmental Media Initiative.


Power Dynamics: 2016 Media and the Environment Conference

University of California, Santa Barbara
April 29 and 30, 2016

Responding to the pivotal era of Anthropocenic climate change and rapidly transforming media economies, this conference seeks to bring together scholars and media practitioners whose work explores the many significant confluences of media and the environment. It will aim to conceptualize the terms "media" and "environment" in expansive and innovative ways to encourage a diverse range of approaches.

In particular, we are interested in scholarly presentations and media exhibitions that think through the heuristic of "power dynamics," considering the dynamics of power relations but also power itself as a dynamic and mutable notion. Presenters will address some of the multiple manifestations of power—political, activist, cultural, economic, military, judicial—and how they simultaneously shape and are shaped by media and environments. More>