Applying communication and media to advance environmental science and management

In an era when media is both pervasive and highly interactive, audiences are bombarded with messages about the environment and left to make sense of an overwhelming amount of often poorly prioritized information, from scientific reports to pitches for green consumer goods. How can scientists help the public understand scientific findings? How can messages stand out from the media "noise" to reach the intended audience and motivate new awareness and behavior? Which strategies can lead to a more effective use of media in all its forms?

The Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus will provide answers to these and other important media questions while giving students critical communication and media skills. The communication focus is a joint initiative linking the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and the Carsey-Wolf Center. Students pursuing any of the seven specializations offered at the Bren School may add the communication focus to supplement their training.

Students in this focus will learn to use media to communicate effectively and strategically around environmental issues. They will acquire indispensable verbal and written communication skills and develop competence with web, video and social media tools. They will learn to develop more compelling environmental stories, target appropriate audiences, and monitor and manage environmental messages. The 12-unit communication focus will train students to use media creatively and strategically to educate, engage, and persuade, and to incite action among a variety of audiences. 

Program Manager: Lisa Leombruni
Academic Advisor(s): Lisa Leombruni and/or Satie Airamé

More information and curriculum at the Bren School website.