Courses on media and the environment from the Department of Film and Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

FAMST 75. Introduction to Environmental Media
[Open to non-majors.]
What are all the ways media and the environment influence, structure and inhabit each other? How are environmental issues figured in documentary and feature films, advertising, and the internet? How does media affect the environment, e.g., the problem of e-debris? 

FAMST 182. Introduction to Environmental Media
[Recommended Preparation: FM 46 or FM 70.]
Ties the acquisition of critical viewing skills for film to the practice of conceiving and writing short environmental documentaries. Students screen narrative films and documentaries, deconstruct them, and use their new proficiency to write their own documentary treatments. 

FAMST 183. Film and Media of the Natural and Human Environment
[Prerequisite: Film and Media Studies 46 or junior status.]
Presents popular films, professional documentaries representing trends, images, and issues associated with natural and human environments. Visual images and critical thinking skills are combined to enhance understanding of media presentation of environmental issues. May be linked to short creative projects.