Power Dynamics PosterAll events will be held at the Loma Pelona Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The conference is open to the public. Times and schedule are still tentative and subject to change.

Support for this conference comes from the Faculty Conference Grant, Carsey-Wolf Center's Environmental Media Initiative, Environmental Humanities Initiative, Critical Issues in America: Climate Futures, Professor Janet Walker, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Graduate Student Association, the Departments of Film and Media Studies, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies, English, Communication, History, Philosophy, and Political Science, and the Comparative Literature Program and Global & International Studies Program.


Friday, April 29

11:00 AM — Welcome

Daniel Grinberg and Chris Walker, conference organizers

11:15 AM — Panel 1

Sarah McFarland Taylor, Northwestern University, "Pollution Porn as Oppositional Media Practice: The Power Dynamics of "Coal Rollin" and Pro-Diesel Digital Activism in Contemporary Class-Based Grassroots Media Interventions"

Ashley Dawson, College of Staten Island, "The Myth of De-Materialization"

12:15 PM — Lunch Break

1:15 PM — UCSB Faculty Roundtable

Film and Media Studies Professor Janet Walker, Film and Media Studies Professor Lisa Parks, Film and Media Studies Assistant Professor Alenda Chang, English Professor Bishnupriya Ghosh, English Assistant Professor Melody Jue

2:15 PM — Panel 2

Shane Brennan, New York University, "Solar Media"

Mél Hogan, Illinois Institute of Technology, "The New Famers: Big Tech's Greening of its Data Centers" 

Hunter Vaughan, Oakland University, "The Changing Power of Power: Analog, Digital, and the Shifting Codes of Nature in Film Culture"

3:30 PM — Panel 3

Graig Uhlin, Oklahoma State University, "The Natural and Unnatural Histories of Patricio Guzmán"

Jonathan L. Knapp, Harvard University, "Time, Energy, Capital: Lines and Flows in Peter Bo Rappmund's Topophilia"

Joshua Trey Barnett, University of Utah, "Impurities: Thinking Ecologically with Safe"

5:00 PM — Keynote Talk

Tung-Hui Hu, University of Michigan, "On Doing as Little as Possible: Exhaustion and the Future of Digital Media"


Saturday, April 30

11:00 AM — Media Screenings

Ecotopia — Ruth Dusseault, Georgia State University

Elemental Media, Infrastructuralism, and the Making of Urban Coastlines — Ben Mendelsohn, New York University

12:00 PM — Lunch Break

1:00 PM — Panel 4

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Tunnel Ecologies"

Adrian Ivakhiv, University of Vermont, "30 Years (or 30,000): Spectral Stories About Chernobyl"

Daniel Grinberg, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Forces of Nature: Militarizing and Mediatizing Guantanamo Bay's Environments"

2:15 PM — Panel 5

Emily F. Keller, Data & Society Research Institute, "The Environmental Impact of Cloud-Based Services"

Lisa Han, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Weather 2.0: Apps, Almanacs, and the Search for a New Dynamic in Climate and Weather Reporting"

Su Young Choi, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, "Contestation of Electromagnetic Waves and the Rise of Elderly Female Leadership in the Anti-765kV Transmission Tower Struggle of Miryang in South Korea"

3:30 PM — Panel 6

Matthew Holtmeier, Ithaca College, "Bioregionalism and the Phatic Shot in Reichardt's Old Joy and Night Moves"

Chun Wai Chau, University of California, Davis, "Environments of the Poor: Jacob Holdt's American Pictures in Lars von Trier's Dogville"

Jean-Thomas Tremblay, University of Chicago, "The Formalisms of Breathing and Sexuality in the Works of Dodie Bellamy and CAConrad"