Saturday, April 28, 2007 - 12:00pm - 6:00pm
UCSB Corwin Pavillion

Rupe Conference Poster

Presented by The Arthur N. Rupe Chair in the Social Effects of Mass Communication; the Carsey-Wolf Center; the Global Warming Science & Society Event Series and the All Gaucho Reunion.

This multi-media event brought together media creators and producers, journalists, scientists, web masters, media researchers, international agency coordinators, and the audience. The sessions showed a wide variety of environmental media content, including web video, documentary films, and commercial advertisements. The presentations and discussions explored the technological, economic, political, and social challenges involved in creating environmental media content for traditional and new media outlets, and for improving public understanding and action concerning the environment. Download the Conference Program (pdf)


12:30: Welcome and Guiding Questions

Ronald E. Rice, David Marshall, and Melvin Oliver

12:40 – 2:00:  Portraying the Environment (Video)

David Jensen and Douglas Varchol presented the UNEP’s new Sudan Country Report’s Video Press Release and discussed how media were incorporated into the country report process, including commenting on the current environmental conditions in Sudan as a result of the 20-year north-south civil conflict and the crisis in Darfur. Jennifer Bernstein presented Learning from Natures: The Depiction of the Environment in Contemporary Print Advertising. James Reichman presented examples of new techniques for portraying environmental science in more accessible ways in journals, newspapers, and websites.

2:10 – 4:00: Reporting the Environment (Video)

Kenneth Weiss and John Vande Wege presented and discussed portions of their recent Los Angeles Times and web-based, multi-media five-part series on Altered Oceans. Cecilia O’Donnell discussed newspaper coverage of environmental issues in UK and US newspapers. Andrew Revkin  joined this session by video conferencing to discuss the interface between media and the environment. David Lea interviewed him. Steve Gaines, Catherine Gautier-Downes and Charles Kolstad discussed the science behind the media coverage of global warming. 

4:10 – 5:15: Distributing the Environment (Video)

Constance Penley described The BLUE HORIZONS Summer Program for Environmental Media (UCSB Summer Sessions 2007 June 25-August 24). Michael Hanrahan showed one of his films and discussed the media production and distribution issues involved in reaching specific audiences through broadband Internet, television, and DVD home video. Paul Jay discussed his efforts to create a viewer-supported, advertising-free comprehensive media platform (from television and web, to public broadcasting and user-provided content) that use science and what is actually known to provide “independent and courageous” coverage of important news - such as global warming.

5:15 – 6:00: Audience Group Discussion and Final Panel Discussion

Session presenters convened with different sections of the audience to discuss insights into the guiding questions gained from the day’s activities. They then rejoined the main panel to identify lessons learned, as well as implications for creating strategies for positive change.