Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Pollock Theater, UCSB

Blue Horizons Environmental Media Program

Free Admission and Reception

Free Tickets

Student filmmakers from the 2012 BLUE HORIZONS Summer Program for Environmental Media will screen their new short films about local marine and coastal issues.  Some of the 2012 films have already won film competitions and been selected for the Ojai Film Festival, October 26-28, 2012.

Student Films 

The Blue Horizons Environmental documentaries cover a broad range of environmental issues in and around the Santa Barbara Channel including - sea otters, whale stikes, the plight of the pelicans, and homelessness in our rivers.  This year's films are:

No Otter Zone - Filmmakers: Spencer Bruttig, Nick Dasilva, Clinton Reynolds, Mark Romanov

Historically, the Southern Sea Otter was abundant along the California coastline, until intense hunting pressures reduced their numbers to near-extinction levels. But now the otters are coming back, and bringing with them the potential for drastic change to the modern-day economics and ecology of the Santa Barbara Channel.

Silver Bullet - Filmmakers: Nick Deliberto, Ashley Greene, Liat Krongrad, Spencer Sheehan, Mallory Smith

Silver Bullet chronicles past and current attempts to reduce ship strikes of blue whales, and follows the journey of Sean Hastings, Resource Protection Coordinator for the CINMS, in his fervent efforts to implement an innovative new incentives-based approach to slow ships down. The film explores this fundamental dilemma: we love whales, and we need shipping, but ships are killing whales... so how do we solve this problem?

Eviction Day - Filmmakers: Matt Linkin, Jake Martin, Osman Noor, Ian Vargas, Chloe Vaught

This is the story of the communities that call the Ventura River bottom their home, and the people that want them out…But human beings do not simply disappear.

The Pelican Grief - Filmmakers: Bryan Cubias, Marcee Davis, Gina Romero, Dakota Slama

Using the continued abuse of the Californian Brown Pelican as an example, we highlight the interaction between humans and animals in the Santa Barbara area. The Pelican Grief urges viewers to evaluate and improve their personal relationship with nature.



We want to thank the students of UCSB through the Associated Students Coastal Fund for their generous support of the 2012 Blue Horizons Program and sponsorship of the screening reception.  We are grateful to Sony Pictures Entertainment for its generous donation of equipment.