Featured Projects

Environmental Media Student Programs

Blue Horizons is a nine-week summer program where students learn the essential elements for producing documentary films, important issues of the global ocean from a California perspective, and then create their own environmental documentary.  Offered during the academic school year, GreenScreen is an interdisciplinary environmental media production program that engages students in local environmental issues through artistic production.

EMI Research Group

The Environmental Media Initiative Research Group (EMIRG) brings together faculty and graduate student affiliates to create environmental media activities across campus. Activities include meeting to discuss faculty and graduate research and pivotal readings in the field; building a web-based environmental media community; inviting researchers to speak to the UC Santa Barbara campus community; programming screenings of environmental films; and developing and collaborating on interdisciplinary projects. More>

USA Today: Is Earth Near Its 'Tipping Points'?

This research project builds upon a growing research effort to incorporate social and behavioral theory and analysis to create a clearer picture of the role of news media in shaping public awareness about global climate change and associated actions (or lack thereof). This research was motivated by a desire to better understand 1) the types of information that have been provided in news reports about climate change over the past several decades, and 2) how people are likely to interpret and react to and/or act upon the information contained in these news stories. More>