The Carsey-Wolf Center is a state-of-the-art complex, providing areas for research, teaching, and public programming that gives form to the interdisciplinary exploration of media literacy and the advancement of policy.

Current Leadership Gifts

The Carsey-Wolf Center

Funded by Marcy Carsey and Dick Wolf

The Carsey-Wolf Center’s public film theater, production suite, archive, media labs, classrooms, and meeting rooms provide the arena for dynamic new curricula, public programming, film series, and residencies. Already recognized by university and national awards for their teaching and research, the faculty brings new programs and scholarship to the public as well as to their students. The Carsey-Wolf Center provides an intellectual as well as a physical space in which the university and the media industries can interact through classes, research projects, and colloquia.

Pollock Theater

Funded by Dr. Joseph and Helene Pollock and the Pollock Family

The prestigious Pollock Theater of the Carsey-Wolf Center offers space for year-round programming of a diverse array of films and filmmakers from across the country and the world. The heart of the Center, the Pollock Theater is a classroom by day and will serve as a public theater at night – a space in which students, industry, and community come together. The new facility – featuring a sound system by Meyer Sound, and video equipment supplied through a generous donation from Sony Corporation – is equipped to show everything from early silent films to the latest in digital filmmaking. The theater and its film programming give students and the public an opportunity to engage a global film culture that is currently inaccessible to them.

Michael Douglas Lobby and Reception Hall  

Funded by Michael Douglas ('68)

This prestigious hall at the gateway of the Pollock Theater serves as an important public venue for receptions and special events, and a symbol of the Center’s place at the crossroads of the university, the public, and the media industries. This 2,000 square foot space also includes a café, lending itself to casual interaction and discussion before and after screenings.

Wallis Annenberg Conference Room

Funded by The Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Conference Room is a premiere meeting space located adjacent to the Carsey-Wolf Center’s office suite. Featuring a terrace with striking views of the campus, it is used for seminars, symposia, lectures, public events, and meetings with industry leaders and policymakers.

Scott and Jennifer Frank Screening Room 

Funded by Scott ('82) and Jennifer Frank

The Scott and Jennifer Frank Screening Room is one of two screening rooms serving students, researchers, and visiting filmmakers.  The room offers facilities for screening student dailies, as well as production demonstration and spaces for visiting researchers and filmmakers who want to view films in the Center’s archive.

Capital Giving Opportunities Available

We are pleased to recognize a major commitment by permanently associating your gift with the Carsey-Wolf Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Some of our most prestigious naming opportunities are still available.

Production Suite

The Production Suite provides state-of-the-art facilities that represent new innovations to campus. A unique feature of the UC Santa Barbara undergraduate media experience is that production training takes place only in the context of a strong liberal arts education. Students learn to make individual and crew films while pursuing an intensive curriculum in media history, theory, and criticism. In this context, the Production Suite provides our students the space and technology they need to pursue creative, independent, experimental work.

The new facility includes a sound stage, animation room, and two demo/screening rooms for small production classes.

Sound Stage

A prominent feature of the Carsey-Wolf Center, the Sound Stage provides our students with the facilities they need to shoot high-quality media production. The Sound Stage will be used from morning until night by our students in Film and Media Studies and related departments.

Palm Garden Plaza

The formal entrance to the Carsey-Wolf Center, as well as the associated academic building, provides a dramatic approach for the complex. This 2,000 square foot plaza is both the entrance to the Pollock Theater and an extension of the Douglas Lobby.  

Patio Terrace

This outdoor patio connects to the Douglas Lobby and the green room. It is a prominent gathering space for public receptions, as well as a place where faculty, students and visiting industry fellows come together for informal conversation.

Film and Television Archive

This archival space houses an important collection of television shows, videos and films, intended primarily for preservation and consultation by researchers and scholars.  The archive includes a full range of media formats, from 16 mm film through Blu-Ray. It is temperature and humidity controlled to preserve these essential materials.

Screening Room

A screening room that adjoins the Scott and Jennifer Frank Screening Room is a vibrant teaching space that serves the students, researchers and visiting filmmakers. This room  serves as a Production/Demo Lab and a screening facility for student dailies and visiting researchers and filmmakers who want to view films in the Center’s archive.

Technology Support

Support to maintain and improve the Carsey-Wolf Center’s equipment is vital as technology continues to advance.  Giving here will provide access to the Carsey-Wolf Center and its programs to the equipment vital to the generation and dissemination of media.

Name-A-Seat at The Pollock

Participating in the Name-A-Seat campaign enables you to reserve your seat for the future. Honor family and friends with a personalized seat plaque by naming one of the 296 seats in this state-of-the-art theater. Your donation will provide critically needed support for the Pollock Film Theater — a space at the crossroads of the university, the public, and the film and television industries.

We invite individuals, foundations, and corporations to join with our leadership donors to address our remaining capital enhancement needs and launch our endowment effort.