Thursday–Saturday, April 26–28, 2018

How do we conceptualize the study of media in the Americas in the twenty-first century?

This question frames the Carsey-Wolf Center’s 2018 conference, which will explore the nexus of cultural creativity between North and South, South and South, and the varied heritage of media in Latin America and its diaspora. To date, scholars have expanded our study of media in the Americas to include film, television, radio, and electronic media, as well as information and social media. They have challenged the presumed unity of regional nomenclatures and explored new approaches to exhibition and reception studies, culture and consumption, space and affect, transnational corporate industries and intermedial practices, politics and activism, as well as new approaches to the study of the archive. Media in the Americas seeks to build upon this work, bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scholars in an effort to expand and refine our understanding of intellectual histories, cultural policies, institutional frameworks, bordering cultures, technological changes, and, most urgently, contested notions of democracy in local and transnational contexts. We are interested in exploring concepts and approaches generated by feminist and queer theories, critical race and postcolonial scholarship, and activism throughout the Americas, including the work of indigenous groups and alternative networks of media production.


Conference organizers:

Patrice Petro, Film and Media Studies, UCSB

Cristina Venegas, Film and Media Studies, UCSB

Confirmed participants:

Bianka Ballina, Film and Media Studies, UCSB
Jon Beasley-Murray, Latin American Studies, University of British Columbia
Pedro Butcher, journalist
Dolores Inès Casillas, Chicano Studies, UCSB
Anita Say Chan, Media, University of Illinois
Amalia Cordova, Curator, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Bishnupriya Ghosh, English, UCSB
Colin Gunckel, Latina/o Studies, University of Michigan
Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, Critical Media Studies, University of Texas-Dallas
Ana Lopez, Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, Tulane University
Tyler Morgenstern, Film and Media Studies, UCSB
Rielle Navitski, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia
Yeidy Rivero, Screen Arts and Cultures, University of Michigan
Bhaskar Sarkar, Film and Media Studies, UCSB
Freya Schiwy, Media and Cultural Studies, UC-Riverside
Amaru Tejeda, Film and Media Studies, UCSB
Jennifer Tyburczy, Feminist Studies, UCSB
Marisa Venegas, filmmaker

The conference will be free and open to the public.